One more handwriting typeface

I would also love to have this one in my collection. I love the subtle, playful mood it invokes... :)

Any suggestions?


I think this is handwritten. See the word 'the' in the top two images. When you start looking there are other variations as well. Too bad, because it has a nice simple feel. Similar: Wendy and Emmascript.

- Mike Yanega

Great, thanks man.

Actually, the font/hand in the first sample looks different from the one in the other two (other than “the”, as Mike already noted, the “o” especially stands out).

After Ricardo's comment, I was trying to find the 3rd one,
and I accidentally spotted the first one:
Arsenale White by zetafonts

Thanks Fvila... it's definitely arsenale. and check this out... It appears all of the fonts are Arsenale. Typing 'upper' or 'lower' case actually create different variations of the lower case. pretty clever. :)