Spongebob Evilpants

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i am by no means a type designer. i don't pretend that this is good or useful.
i was messing around trying to force glyphs into an 8x10 grid, just an excersize
in solving problems created by strict guidelines. i sort of cheated when i created
some diagonal shapes, but hey, they were my rules to begin with. so i was wondering
whether anyone had some different solutions to some of the more
obvious (or boring) problems.


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why thank you, i think ;)
some of the glyphs in the sample text got squashed somehow,
so ignore those. the second Q is a cheater with the tail poking
out of the grid. the glyphs with diagonals are the ones that are
giving me the most problems.
very cool grid system, by the way bj.

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Pretty neat, kinda constructivist. I dig. How does it look in super-small sizes?

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i don't think it does too well any smaller than +/- 30 pts.
i started breaking the grid when i had to make a poster
that emulated an historic type/design style. i was doing
constructivism, but i didn't have a lot of time to do more
than slap together some glyphs.

does anyone have an opinion on m or n? i'm also dithering
quite a bit on b. my wife actually art directed b#5 and q#1.


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here is a swf that someone so kindly provided,
so you can see these exquisite glyphs up close. ;)

SPONGEBOBflash.swf (10.1 k)

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Isaac: (1) Of the Xs, I'd say I prefer the first. The other 3 look like they're wrapped around an orb. Which could be cool - but in my mind it doesn't make sense with rest of the letters. (2) The first 2 Bs I think are less successful than the others because of the extreme(?) variation in their strokes. (3) Are the Zs on the same grid? They look wider. (4) You might think of adding square/slab-type serifs in the 'I.'

Overall I think it's a great start. Why is it that you're bothered by the diagonals exactly? And I'm with bj: The W is rockin' like Dokken.

Cheers, mate.

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I must be a retard. You already have slab serifs on the 'I.'

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