Im Auge des Lesers / In the eye of the reader

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Does anyone here know this book?

Full title:
Im Auge des Lesers
Foveale und periphere Wahrnehmung: Vom Buchstabieren zur Lesefreude
Hans W. Hunziker, Dr. phil., Lernpsychologe

In the eye of the reader
Foveal and Peripheral Perception: From Letter Recognition to the Joy of Reading

The book is about: How visual perception functions, what our optical illusions show, where the perceptual difficulties associated with driving cars and learning to read lie, and how one arrives at a simple love of reading from the first arduous piecing together of letters and theirs sounds. [my partial translation]

Full synopsis in German:
Wie die visuelle Wahrnehmung funktioniert, was uns optische Täuschungen zeigen, wo die Wahrnehmungs-Schwierigkeiten beim Autofahren und Lesenlernen liegen und wie man vom Buchstabieren zur Lesefreude gelangt: Die wichtigsten Forschungsergebnisse zu diesen Themen erklärt der Autor in einem leicht verständlichen Text, mit vielen Wahrnehmungs-Experimenten, über 170 Abbildungen, 30 Tabellen und ausführlichen Literaturangaben.

My translation has a gloss on “und wie man vom Buchstabieren zur Lesefreude gelangt,” because I learned from the writer's son (the writer just died this past summer at 77) that: "Buchstabieren" was intended to refer to spelling out each letter they way beginners read; "Lesefreude" even though "joy of reading" seem a good literal translation, might just as well be translated with "reading comfort" or "ease of reading". I'd say the best translation would be the word average parents would use when referring to what they hope their children would reach.

I'd like to know from readers on this blog what they thought of it and some particulars about the content, for example, how does Hunziker see the role of parafoveal perception and foveal perception.

I'm thinking of buying it.


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Let me know what you think of it, when you have read it.
From looking at this/his page:
I feel like I accidentally been taken to a esotericism site.

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There’s a preview of it here. It looks like it might be a must buy for myself.

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It's the throughout use of Comic Sans that allures you, righ? ;-)

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I was going to make a comment about the use of the Comic Sans. I think it brings the book down to the level of popular science in an attempt to appeal to a general audience. The little reading in it I've done via the gogglebooks preview gives a different impression.

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