Font ID Help, please.

Can I please get an ID on this font I thought was called MACBETH. Thank you.

The text says "Chicago, IL"


Although some thin lines are missing from your sample,
I think you should try Mac ttnorm - (c) 1994, ImageLine Incorporated

I would have guessed it's BarfInBags by the
BrainlessTraceFromPhotoshopFilter foundry.


A mangled Apple/Zapf Chancery?

I think you are right Ricardo,
Mac ttnorm lowercase looks very much like Poetica Chancery
and they have also created another typeface (Baggage ttstd) with the same lowers,
and a bit different/modified capitals.

The funny thing is ImageLine has a history on accusing/threatening others by e-mails,
for forgeries of their copyrighted work, see there:

Actually saving time via theft and making money via coercion go hand in hand.


Hah. Thanks for the most excellent chuckle, Hrant.