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Distorted sans face in little book

could you find out what font is this ?
Thank you very much,


It appears to be a font, because the repeated letters look identical. However, this style could have been made by anyone. No skill is required — just a way to produce a font from crudely drawn letters — and so you might guess this is not my favorite type style, right?

Well, I know you didn’t ask for my opinion of it, but that is my way of explaining that this could have come from anywhere. It could have been made only by the person who made the original that you saw.

Only if someone recognizes this particular sample would you have a chance of finding it.

My advice is to look for ‘distorted’, ‘destroy’ or ‘eroded’ fonts at DaFont and pick something that you think looks close enough.

I see 2 different a’s, two e’s, 3 i’s (including the uppercase), like letters with slightly different rotation and matching letter pairs with different spacing between them (see 2nd a-i pair in faisant and a-i pair in jaillir). Makes me wonder if someone drew some characters and stuck them in rough position to make these words.

Thank you.
A whole litte book is set with that typeface.
Nothing at DaFont is closer to that.
Any other suggestion is welcome.