Cliquot: My first ever typeface.

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Cliquot: My first ever typeface.

Hello all!

I just finished my very first font and I'd love to hear you thoughts.
It's called Cliquot; It's a "fat" slab serif meant for magazine text in Spanish and is inspired by Caecilia and Chaparral. It was the final project in my Type Design Class and I'm quite proud of it.

Here's the complete character set:

And attached is a PDF specimen featuring a fragment of Julio Cortazar's "Rayuela"

Many thanks,

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I think the basis is very nice and I particularly like your numbers. It has great potential but I can't help but feel there are still a lot of weight consistency issues.

I had a look at your specimen and in the main body text I actually don't notice these weight issues anymore, so I suppose this only counts when used as a display typeface.

- My main issue is that most rounded forms in the capitals seem to be a bit too fat. 'C' and 'G' for example look too heavy on the left while 'D' looks too heavy on the right. The rounded forms in 'B' however are too light and I think 'B' could be a little bit wider (though I like its elegant design so I definitely wouldn't make it as wide as is common in a typeface like this).

- The letters h/n/m/u are a bit too wide and this is obvious even in the body text.

- Why are the downward serifs in letters like C/E/F/G etc. more robust than the horizontal serifs? I would make them slightly lighter.

- The "tail" of the 'Q' is a bit too heavy and so is the spine of 'S'. The stem of 'T' seems a bit too light.

- The lowercase 'x' also seems a bit more heavy than the 'y' for example.

I hope this helps.