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Modern humanist sans serif

Anyone know this font?


I was going to say Process Type's Klavika, but it's not quite that. Close, though.


Titlillium is also close, but, again, not quite:


Thanks Darrel but don't think it's either of those.

Anyone else got any ideas?

you can consider also Frutiger Next or Open Sans

Pretty sure it's not part of Frutiger-world.

Seems to be Akko by Linotype

If not, maybe a similar one has an alternate /g/ character: Etelka Text Pro, FF Apex Sans, FF Max, FF Utility, Cinecav X Sans, Vista Sans, Engel, FF Unit

Nope, none of those.

No hope for a better sample? Or hints at its source?

From the context on the sample this could well be a custom corporate typeface.

>>>No hope for a better sample? Or hints at its source?

It was all I could find and it came from the Moving Brands case study about the HP brand which they have since removed at the request of HP.

Yep, I think you might be right. I didn't think it was the new HP font ("HP Expressive") but the /a/ is double storey in the roman/upright and the rest of letters seem to fit too, although I think the sample may be the bold version of what is shown on your link above. Thank you.