New book about Hermann Zapf "What Our Lettering Needs" by Rick Cusick available from RIT

The long awaited (at least by me!) book by Rick Cusick, "What Our Lettering Needs: The Contribution of Hermann Zapf to Calligraphy and Type Design at Hallmark Cards" is finished. Publisher RIT is now taking pre-orders

The book was conceived of at Zapfest in San Francisco when Rick discussed the idea with Zapf. Rick had contributed the chapter on Zapf's Hallmark fonts to the concurrent Zapfest book "Calligraphic Type Design in the Digital Age". In spite of the large influence that the Hallmark-produced movie featuring Zapf had, Rick lamented that most people didn't know or have access to the body of Zapf's accomplishments while he was a consultant to Hallmark (1966-1972). This book remedies the situation. It's a very lovely book (he's a wonderful designer and wrote and designed it), and it's a great story replete with amusing anecdotes, many asides and lots of previously unseen art in full color.

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