Mixing/Stacking Typography

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I'm new to typography(although technically I've taken two classes on it). Very sorry for any sort of mix ups. I've been working on a magazine layout and given the ability to design for a section has sparked my interest in experimental typography. I've seen so much of these very interesting uses of type.

Recently because of research of trying to achieve a specific look for the title of the article I noticed these very interesting mixing of different fonts stacking them in all sorts of ways, sometimes stacking type both horizontally and vertically. I've seen many examples of this. How would I actually achieve this sort of effect? I've been experimenting and wondering if all of these variations are done in one text box inside a design program or is it a design that is manually placed together with several text boxes?Maybe different positioning methods? I don't know if it would be rude to include pictures of examples as it's not my own work. Hopefully I'm not confusing you guys. Thanks a lot for hearing me out!

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Is it a bad idea then? How would I go about designing it? Justifying the text? Is it done in one text box or several? Also I see some people that use several different fonts. Is that also done in the same way? Mixing serif and sans-serif type. I saw this one that had the type stacked in different ways horizontally, vertically with brackets hanging outside. By the way thanks for the link.

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Well, it’s not a bad idea if the layout will actually benefit. There’s also no “proper” way of doing this. It all depends on tools at hand and how well you can use or hack them. Some of the tools will give you great amount of flexibility in setting type in one frame, others don’t. The rest is up to you, really.

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