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(x) Union Pacific Railroad - various {gang}

I am looking to identify this font and maybe find some close variations.

(see attached)union pacific railroad


Check out my Lionel Text Family at http://fontdiner.com/menu_ifm.html

Stuart :D

I’ve got to put in a plug for Benn Coifman’s ‘City Of’ font, seeing as how train fonts are his specialty:



Stuart, do you have a sample of Lionel available that shows the caps?

Here are a few other candidates: Linotype Metro #2, Bitstream Geometric 415, or the old standby, Futura.

FB Nobel might work well here.

And Tempo if you want something more condensed.

This is very cool, btw. Wish Ludlow would do a solid too.

You could try Century Gothic Bold.

Here’s a sample of the Diesel weight of the Lionel Font.

Stuart :D

I’ve always admired Lionel, Stuart. Can’t help but wish the
‘A’ crossbar was lower, tho.

Cool idea for an alternate A! :D

Yeah, just bring it down to match that ‘P’ and ‘F’. Should
serve to alleviate clogged counter issues too.