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I have been tweaking my grids. I am trying to finalize a grid for a layout. One thing I'm having trouble with is if the rows are needed within the grid? Or is the columns enough to structure content? I am asking this because in InDesign I have a baseline grid set up and also have rows to kind of see a division of content(if needed). I am wondering would this be overkill? Would I just either have rows or baseline grid? I feel like rows give potential for divided up the content vertically but I am not sure if the baseline grid is already in a way accomplishing that job. I remember seeing the grids in Josef Muller Brockmann's Grid Systems, which is what gave me an appreciation for grids and they always seemed to have both columns and rows not sure about the baseline but I think it would make sense so the copy lines up. Thanks all opinions would be appreciated.

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Some context would help. What is the layout for? What kind of content?

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Columns are multiple rows. You could have a 10-row grid, with 3 columns, one at 2 rows, two at 4, for instance.

The subdivison of a column in rows has its use when you have to incorporate block-quotes over two columns, or when one has to incorporate a table into text matter. By using the smaller unit there is a solid underpinning to the overall design.

In webdesign this setup is called a framework, in graphic design a grid.

In addition: if you base the width of the rows on the baseline you have the kind of grid Brockhaus proposes. This leads to layouts that have a strong relationship between vertical and horizontal elements.

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I would recommend an odd number of columns in your grid. Back in my previous life as a publications designer, I preferred 11 and 13 column grids. They lent themselves to the most flexibility. Willi Kuntz had a lot to say on odd numbered grids. I learned a lot of this from his American protege Will Hopkins of Hopkins/Baumann.

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Depends on the context and rhythm desired. Dividing the page vertically could assist a modular layout or in an editorial setting. The baseline will hold everything together but it depends on how you want to structure the page.

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I guess I would be asking in general. Not a specific project but if that sort of grid structure would be overkill. I guess I ask this because when I set up the guides at least in InDesign it doesn't line up with the baseline grid (I could be doing it wrong). I really like the structure of a lot of columns and rows, at the same time I just don't know if it would be overkill. I was reading a book on typography where the person showed the behind the scenes of the structure of the book and the book seemed to use only columns (but maybe they had another way to divide the content vertically). I want to get a copy of the book on grids again. But anyways thanks for the replies. I really appreciate it. Any other opinions on this topic would be appreciated as well. I'm working on all sorts of printed stuff right now. Editorial articles mainly right now, thinking about this grid structure for posters, brochures and other printed materials.

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