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Yes folks, yet another one infected by the typo-bug. I'm a newbie typophile who may need some help and feedback. I started experimenting with bitmap fonts couple of months ago. I thought bitmap fonts are simple to create, so it may be a good starting point. I have worked on several bitmap projects until the sobering discovery that some else had quite the same ideas at pixel pushing. It is excrutiatingly difficult to come up with a new typeface of different look especially at very small sizes. Pixel Lattice is one of my favourits. Although the original idea to place the letters on a pixel grid is not mine, I think I succeded to add some new twists to take it to the next level. (To those who may object the use of swastica for the glyph "X" and the asterisk, I can tell beforehand that this is not identical to the Nazi symbol, which turns the other way around.)

Any comment? Pixel Lattice character setPixel Lattice without the pixel grid background

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nice. But, as you predicted, the swastica. People will not realise that this is 'the right' swastica. They will see the bad one. It's the general form that count, and it really looks like the bad swastica. Maybe you should change it.
Go more in the direction of the lc 'x'.


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I would lose the "swastika" most definately. Perhaps try a bitmapped hourglass approach. I like the look overall.

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So, are Hindus and other people who bumped into the gridiform cross before Mr. Hitler required to forget all about it?


Keep it Tibor, Moholy would have. Just make SURE you include a linked etymology in all descriptions. It is possible to take words, characters and forms back from offensive usage, especially those that are simple and naturally inspired.

the Void is hungry and wants its twisty grid cross back.

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though, it would help if you did not replicate the Nazi cross in dimension as well as form. Add an extra pixel to the ends of all 4 legs, and it will be clear you are drawing something different. I think eyes on this board register your EXACT replication of the height/width of the reviled swastika. Spoil that, and you're on the way to a new definition.

sorry to be such a blabber.

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On the other hand, perhaps this is just the sort of thing to slowly filter the use in a new context? I didn't notice it until I read your email, Ren. I was looking at the alphabet as a whole, first and each character second. And for how often a cap X would appear. Well, just thoughts.

Although, I realize, the safest option in order to separate this from the baggage that comes with the swastika, is to alter your cap X.

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