SOPA and fonts?

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Can anyone make sense of what is going on with the debate over the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the US Congress? How might it affect the font world, if at all?

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Sense? The issue is control of the internet just like they do in China. Censorship by interest groups. It has nothing to do with piracy and everything to do with greed. The guys pushing for this bill could care less if someone pirates William's Caslon.

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SOPA would have no impact on fonts other than perhaps being used to censor web sites that have purchased web font licenses.

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"Can anyone make sense of what is going on with the debate"

The **AAs of the country want to be able to make more money. Easiest way is to write legislation and pay congress to sign off on it.

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I found a better explanation of what is going on here.

I found this passage particularly interesting:

"On Thursday, Chaffetz and a host of other lawmakers asked Smith to stop the hearing so that the committee could bring in experts to testify. But Smith had refused, and the committee voted 22-12 to leave the DNS redirect and firewall provisions intact.

The committee heard from the Motion Picture Industry Association of America at a SOPA hearing last month, but has never called an expert on internet architecture. It was not immediately clear who Smith would ultimately line up."

Evidently Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Tex.) follows Texas Republican rules: Only my side gets to talk. If you have years of experience, and know what you're talking about, shut the **** up. Seems fair :)

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I’ve been bugging my congresscretins about SOPA. Today I actually got a response in the mail. Unfortunately the response was a form letter about something else :(

If SOPA passes in the Senate it may be time to kick the Democrats out into the wilderness again. That might be the only way to get it through their dense heads that if Americans gave a damn for neoliberalism, we would all just vote for Republicans and get tax cuts to boot.

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