Mandarin Type Faces

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I am looking for some mandarin type faces, specifically some bold slab serif faces.

Would like to find something that is strong and perhaps not too common (i.e. the Times of Mandarin).

No idea how or where to look for something like this.



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Mandarin is the standard form of *spoken* Chinese in Beijing and is the most standard/common dialect in mainland China. For *written* Chinese, instead of "Mandarin" you should specify "Simplified Chinese" (for mainland China today) or "Traditional Chinese" (for Taiwan and pre-Communist diaspora). Simplified Chinese is used across China, even in all those parts of the country where Mandarin is not spoken.

Trying to make sense of your second sentence, would it be more clear to say you want a typeface that is NOT the Times of Simplified Chinese? In that case, you should avoid system fonts such as these:

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A "bold slab serif" face would be roughly equivalent to a bold Song/Ming-style face.

[HDZB_35] may be a candidate.

Also check out DynaComware/Dynalab.
(Products > Opentype fonts > Select platform > Samples)

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Thanks for the clarification Thomas! And to add clarity, I've attached a roman face that I'd like to find as much of an equivalent as possible.

And here is one from the page Jabez linked that seems close! Looking to license something and this file doesn't seem very usable (on a mac, at least).

Any other thoughts?


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Your current choice looks a goot fit. However, I want to mind you it is "yet another bold Hei(=sans-serif) font" and may or may not be too common.

As far as I remember, there are not many bold sans Simplified Chinese fonts shipped with OSes anyway. Check Microsoft Yahei-Bold(from Windows) and Hiragino Sans GB W6(from MacOSX) to see if your choice is too "common".

And, here are some more foundries to look at:

Finally, for 汉鼎 fonts, I (as a native Chinese) googled a few times but failed to find the official website... So be ware.

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