ARE THEY CHEATING? Is this created by my students, or they using a created font?

This is their final, so my students have to create an original font...
so I don't know if they did them or they copy them
help me find if they're new


Hi Mario,

I just run your student's creations through a database of around 200.000 fonts,
and the results are:

any.jpg: nothing close

Looks a bit similar to http://Arista 2.0 Alternate full
but I think it's more "similar in concept" than a copy

OSCAR2.jpg: nothing close

crimi.jpg: nothing close

Sorry to reveal, but this is a cheat:
It matches exactly http://Mia's Scribblings

...therefore, I have to say you must be proud -in overall- for your students,
because if they cheated, they did it in a smart way by choosing uncommon fonts
which are difficult to spot :)


Sorry to reveal, but this is a cheat:
It matches exactly Mia's Scribblings

Now that's what I call a lazy student!

I once had a student who copied a typeface from the
Dutch Type book... that I'd brought to class to show.

BTW Mario, most of those don't seem typographic enough.


Thank you so much for helping me fvilanakis and all the time you dedicated

eliason, I hate lazy students :( they'll regret ;)

hrant I know they are not typographic enough, but lucky them this is not what they are gonna do for living :D

THANK YOU ALL!!! you were very helpful


> lucky them this is not what they are gonna do for living

1) I feel lucky making fonts.
2) How can you be sure?

Doesn't a good teacher help a student discover his
potential, and not necessarily financially speaking?


They are gonna be advertisers, they're studying Advertising Career
although they take some areas of graphic design, it's very superficial
They are NOT gonna be graphic designers (that's another career) and certainly NOR typographers
Each career has a graduate profile

And yes, we, as good teachers help to discover their potential, that's what we do every day,
pointing out their strengths, and trying to improve their weaknesses


PS I said "lucky them" NOT because I consider it to be a demeaning job, or unimportant...
but they don't have the ability to design fonts, no one would hire them.
"I hate blood, lucky me I'm not gonna be a doctor"

I'm glad you feel lucky making fonts, make my job as graphic designer much easier

Sorry I wasn't clear enough and make you misinterpreted my words :)

They are gonna be advertisers

Well, then cheating would be a required skill! ;-)

> They are gonna be advertisers

Be careful, if the CIA finds out that you can predict people's future...

> pointing out their strengths, and trying to improve their weaknesses

Which might include telling some of them to quit advertising,
and for a small minority telling them to look at type design,
at least for part-time income + satisfaction.

Riccardo, funny. :-)


Im in advertising, but I teach typography to design students in my spare time. So I guess it is a good compromise.

Advertising and typography, unfortunately, have very little to do with each other these days. The focus seems to have moved from crafted, thought through pieces of communication to cookie cutter ideas that come a dime a dozen.

Either way. Typography is a skill and an art form. The people that create these beautifully crafted shapes should be respected more in the creative industry.


Totally agree with you Gustav, typography is an art form

Ricard0 "Well, then cheating would be a required skill! ;-)"
you made ma laugh!!! you are absolutely right!!! hahahahaha


“Perfect typography is more a science than an art.”
— Tschichold, J. (1949). Clay in a potters hand.

As cited in:

Tschichold, J. (1991). The form of the book. Essays on the morality of good design. (H. Hadler, Trans.). In R. Bringhurst (Eds.), Washington, United States: Hartley & Marks Publishers Inc. (Reprinted from Aufsätze über Fragen der Gestalt des Buches und der Typographie, by J. Tschichold, Ed., 1975, Basil, Switzerland: Birkhäuser Verlag)

Thanks for posting that sentence Christopher :)
I love that!!!!

However I think he's exaggerating...
Science involves thinking, experimentation, hypothesis testing, etc..
perhaps he was trying to say that a real typographer needs more than just manual skill,
almost anyone can make letters, but requires much more to make a typography.

Internet is full of "hand made fonts" but nothing such as good as "Helvetica" for example
but of course those "hand made fonts" are not "perfect typography"

I'm sure you're gonna like this.
Try these links, it shows how great Helvetica is, and how much it changes a simple sign on the streets by using it

Helvetica has lost its soul, and is poorly spaced.
Only the very lightest weights are worth anything,
and only when set extremely large.

Type design is a lot less Art than artists want to believe.
Just because one can't make enough money painting doesn't
mean one can really grasp and leverage what Design implies.