OPTI Majer Irregular: original typeface it was taken from?

Hi all,

I'm looking for a digital version of OPTI Majer Irregular, preferably one without the checkered past of OPTI fonts. It's the secondary font used for Curious George seen here as the secondary headings.

I know OPTI fonts are poor quality digitizations of fonts swiped from elsewhere, so if anyone has any clue as to the original typeface, that would be fantastic!



I’d say Filmotype Modern, while narrower, is another (licensed) digital rendition of the same pre-digital source:

Thanks so much! This is by far the closest match I've seen, and I've been at this for a while. If anyone has any other history about the pre-digital source, I'd be grateful.

I’m sorry I hadn’t made myself clear enough: the pre-digital source is Filmotype’s Modern, as stated in the description provided on MyFonts.
I said that it was one rendition because it could be that there were variations that wasn’t digitised.

In case anyone is curious, Filmotype has since released a near-perfect match with Filmotype Major (clearly from the same family as Modern):

They really should mention that widening Modern (by 30%) pretty much yields Major.