From Catherynne Valente's The Girl who Circumnavigated Fairyland....

Could you help me identify these three fonts ?

I couldn't get anything close from either Identifont nor What's my font...

Anything close, or similar, if not an exact match would be helpful...

Thanks much.



Sorry, I didn't read your post correctly. Can't help you.

Hi Julien

"CHAPTER" is ConcursoItalian BTN Lt by Stuart Sandler

"EXEUNT..." must be LHF Euphoria by Denise Bayers
You can see the font on this page of LetterHead Fonts, but the link is broken, I don't know why:

"In Which a Girl..." must be Edwardian Italic by Colin Brignall (1983)


Thank you very much....

Could you please suggest alternates for the Edwardian Italic ?


Glad to be of some help :)

You can try HPLHS Colwell Italic as an alternate to Edwardian Italic:

Thank you so much... that was very helpful !