ID font in this Logo

A client sent me an eps of his new logo, but it's a single layer and I need to change one of the words.

I've tried using some font ID tools out there and the closest I can seem to come up with is Twentieth Century Classified MT Regular but I'm pretty sure that's not it, although perhaps it might be a decent replacement?

Can anyone lend a hand? :)

Happy Holidays!


I think it looks like Neuzeit Office. If so, I think stroke was added to the regular weight, rather than using the bold weight for the heavier text.

- Mike Yanega

It’s Hiragino Kaku Gothic (ヒラギノ角ゴシック) W6 and W3, Japanese fonts, or Hiragino Sans GB (冬青黑体简体中文) W6 and W3, Simplified Chinese fonts.

This was the 1st time I've had to post here, you guys are simply great!!

I'll take a closer look at the 3 fonts that you've mentioned and see how recreating the logo goes.

Can't say thank you enough :)

Happy Holidays!

I can't seem to find anywhere to purchase or download (can't tell if it's a free font or not even) Hiragino.

Any ideas where I can acquire it?

The Hiragino’s come with Mac OS X.

Yes, logo design guru reviews really love when logos have a strong, clear symbol instead of all those text and type based logos around. An art director once told me one simple rule; make sure your logo fits into a small square at the right top of a page. This one definitely applies to that!

Unfortunately I didn't design it so changing it is not in the scope of what I need to do. There's a simple branding change from Hearing Help to Hearing House.

But thank you all for your help and input :)

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