US Stamp, 1985, 22 cents, Frilled Dogwinkle

So my friend and I have been working on identifying the typeface used on this lovely stamp, but I'm wondering whether "USA" is actually a different typeface from the rest of the stamp. I have my theories, but I thought I'd turn it into grist for the typophile mill.

What do you think? One font or two, and which one(s)?


I think there are 2 fonts, the serifs seem very different

"Frilled Dogwinkle" & "22" could be Galliard Roman
"USA" looks like some kind of Garamond
but I can't decide which one - this /S is very unique...

Kudos on the Galliard ID!

As for the "USA" part, yes, the S threw me, especially the angle and length of the lower serif. I couldn't find a Garamond that contained it, and the ones that were close didn't contain that A.

But of course that's because it's Galliard, too. The stamp has only one face. Galliard in metal looks a little different than the modern digital Galliard, especially because of the slight ink bleed and impression of real type, but if you take that into account the proportions of the S match, as does the peak of the A.

I had thought it was maybe Plantin for most of it and some kind of Garamond for the "USA", but thanks to your correction I can see now that it's all Galliard.