Seeking information on Myriad Pro

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Hello everyone,
I am new here, and this is my first post on Typophile.

I am a student of Graphic Design at the National Institute of design, Ahmedabad, currently in the second year. We are having an ongoing course in typography and for an assignment we are supposed to research and study different typefaces and their designers. The typeface that I have chosen to conduct the research is Myriad Pro. Though I have found quite some information on the web but I was hoping if anybody could add to my research by providing some useful information about the design process, history and other interesting nuances or stories which are not published - or - hard to find online because this is a dedicated forum for type design and typography.

Any kind of help and inputs would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Manushi

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AFAIK it's the only font that Slimbach has made that has trapping*.
I've heard from a few sources that he doesn't believe they're useful.
And since Twombly's first famous font (Mirarae**) has some juicy
trapping, I suspect she had to put her foot down to get trapping
included in Myriad. And if it's true that the two didn't get along,
I'm sure that didn't help.




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Thanks Riccardo as well as Hrant for the comments.

Both the bits of information really helped and I hope more inputs keep flowing in.

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