Maybe time to segregate the blogs from the tracker list?

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Given that the tracker, at the moment, shows about 60 updated blogs--all SPAM, perhaps it's time to consider moving the blog updates out of the main tracker log? I have no idea if that's an easy task to accomplish, so perhaps it's not a realistic suggestion, but if it is, it may make for reading updates a lot easier/nicer for those that use the tracker.

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Short answer: no.
Longer one: yes, spam is bad and sometimes it seems worse, ruining the peaceful perusal of the forum.
But when spammers attack, they comment on forum topics as well as blog entries.
And, most important, the tracker is a tracker, it need to show everything.
The fact that some users (myself included) use it as the primary starting point to access the site means either that they choose to “drink directly from the faucet” or that other means of access have proven less satisfactory (namely the home page and (again, in my case, both are true). Other users have asked something like “give me all but the Type ID Board”.
“Censoring“ the tracker will not solve the spam problem, nor the access point one.

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You may be right about equal amounts of Spam hitting both discussions and blogs, but, at least for blogs, they seem to be 80% spam posts these days, so it clutters the tracker quite a bit.

I agree, though. It won't solve the SPAM problem, that's a whole other issue.

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