Typomapp and beyond


Eight years ago, my friend and me had got a vision. What about using a globe to discover the history of type? Building up a system which works like Google Earth, but looks better? Using historical maps instead of satellite pictures? Without parking cars when it comes to Gutenberg? Without the highway from 2011 if we look at Bodoni as it appears in Typomapp?

Do you know Global Type? If not, feel free to visit


Here I’ve got some examples of how it could look like:


Can you imagine?


P.S.: You can find my two talks at ATypI Lisbon and Brighton on my website.


Interesting. Not just for type.
But I think there will need to be some layer of abstraction, some “neutral” interface, lest you will be willing to express dates in sexagesimal cuneiform! ;-)
Also, how do you represent a Bodoni revival done in 2011? With or without highway?


So how do you handle type made collaboratively by people on different continents?


A Bodoni revival is a Bodoni revival. Done in its year, so that it doesn’t appear if another time interval is chosen. And Bodoni himself created a not endless number of different typefaces. They should all be related with his person.
Hm - type made collaboratively? I think it could be fascinating looking at all these points in the years of their releases.
We are proud to present - I think the largest old style and lead and photo typesetting types collection out there! Thanks to the work of Mr. Reichardt from Linotype. This is now free.