A Number of Hamilton Mixed Wood Type Styles on Target Clothing Label

Hi everyone -

Target had some very cool wood type labels on some impressive type-based shirts. Can you help identify what the typefaces are? Sorry there is obviously more than one here.
Happy new year, and thanks


What's amusing is that most of the typefaces used are foundry type…

Anyone have some thought on this? thanks so much.

The actual shirts were done from the actual wood type. I was bummed that I couldn't find any at our local Targets. Alas, I'm not sure about the tags...looks like they were, as oldnick points out, not related to the actual wood type in any way.

Yay! I got one for Christmas! What a funny surprise.

More infos (I got the yellow one):




looks an awful lot like ChunkFive

(Right down to the kerning of EXCLUSIVE)

LARGEST looks like Blackoak

Aluminum- bummer you couldnt find any of them, they are definitely refreshing, especially at Target. As for the tags, yes it would make sense to have them match the wood cut purpose, but it's a nice array in it's own right related or not.
You might be able to grab some shirts still, I've seen them on eBay, for example:

Gillo -
thanks for your entries on it, and nice ID's, thank you. I have ID'd the other font as being Knockout No.66.