A mixture of typefaces in this logo

Hello all, could anyone shed some light on the typefaces used in this logo? I've drawn a blank.

The M seems to be from another typeface entirely, it reminded me of Peignot but it's not.

Many Thanks!


The "ml" looks custom to me.

The font of "THE MORRIS LESLIE GROUP" seems
like another case of massive font forgery,
as there are many fonts very close to your logo design
but no one comes from a recognized legitimate source
(i.e. most of the following "copyright owners"
are well known for their font forgeries):

New York Bold
(c) => "© 1995-2001 Arts & Letters"

Fox Trot
(c) => "From the WSI-Font Collection. Copyright (c)1993 W.S.I."
(c) => "(c) 1991 by Tom C. Lai"

(c) => "Freeware!"

CadizSCapsSSK Bold
(c) => "Copyright 1995 Southern Software, Inc"

(c) => "Copyright 1993 Southern Software, Inc"

Thank you very much for your help with this.