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Windows Font Management Software

Happy New Year to all!

We're currently using ATM Delux to manage our fonts, mostly in Windows XP. All the fonts are stored on a network drive and we're able to create and export font sets for each project. Before beginning word on a project we always go to the central location and load the font set for that project. The ATM sets are simply a list of pointers to the font files so that when we update a font (as we do for some of our series books) when the fonts are next loaded the font files are re-read and the most recent version of the font gets loaded.

Trouble is ATM is VERY sketchy in Windows 7 and won't work at all on some installations.

We have Font Explorer X on the Mac but it, unfortunately, doesn't allow the export of the sets as described above. I'm looking into other programs now but the few I've checked thus far only indicate that you can manage them into sets, I've not seen specific info for exporting the sets.

Making my plea here so as to hopfully avoid downloading bunches of programs for trial.

Many thanks,

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Our font management app, Suitcase Fusion 3, allows for export and import of sets.



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ATM deLuxe is not supported in Windows Vista and Seven –and it is supposed not to install or run properly on these systems. Anyway, it works with some adaptation.

Just copy-n-paste the folder where ATM was installed in a XP. Create a shortcut to the executable and make it run in XP SP2 compatibility mode:

In ATM settings, define the folder where it manage fonts as a subfolder from Windows Fonts system place. Works perfectly for me. I just avoid to change the original Windows fonts with ATM –to this, I use Windows Fonts control.

ATM deLuxe can even managem MM fonts in Windows Vista/Seven:

Newer applications, as InDesign CS5x, cannot recognize MM instances. But they are active, as this Word 2002 screen shows:

Of course, although ATM can work in newer OS, it may be not the best option if compared to tools available today –and Thomas pointed a good one.

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As should be pretty obvious, neer45's last is spam. Some interesting bits about ceramics, but nothing on font management. Might yield some new font names, though.