Help identifying this Sans Sefir familiar font


I am having a hard time identifying this font. It seems pretty familiar but haven't been able to identify it.


Sounds stupid and I'm probably wrong but looks like a mix of several fonts to me.
"you" could come from Avant-Garde Medium, "zee" from Futura Heavy or "z" from Futura and "ee" from Avenir Black.
The more I look at the /z, the more I think it has been customized. Thickness of the oblique bar looks "strange".
If I had to recreate it, I would start from Avenir Black (e looks better), cutting the /y tail and moving some points on the /z or, from Futura no2 Demi-bold using a 180°-rotated /n to recreate the /u.

Thanks Ryuk, I think you got it spot on.Was a big help.