Is there a great Sans like Whitney for the Web?

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Is there a great Sans like Whitney for the Web?


this is a great forum with awesome font suggestions. I've tried many of the fonts that you recommend.

What are your suggestions for: sans serif, business use font, not heavy in weight, can be used to write documents several pages long, that's easy to read in both print and on screen?

I love documents printed in Whitney - it looks great in print with easy to read characters. Whitney suffers on screen (e.g. in a pdf document). The letters: 'a' and 's' are a particular problem because some areas of those letters are so skinny that they almost disappear.

2 others that come close - but not close enough are:

- FF-Din looks good in print, and OK on screen.
- Calibri works great on screen, but I feel it will date quickly just like Arial because it is a default font for MS Word.


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