Walker Digital fonts

Hi friends

Please help me ID these fonts used in the Walker Digital logo

Thanks in advance



Thank you very much for your help!



Dick, I'm curious where you get these unusual matches – while FF Good seems a good match for /WALKER/ (once you squoosh it slightly and remove a bit from the bottom of each character), the other two are (a) some cut of Times New Roman* (with slight curve changes) and (b) A Neo-Grotesque that almost, but not quite, appears to be either Univers or Helvetica Neue (Note the /M/ width and the /C/ terminals) but could conceivably be based on either.** I've seen you propose strange clones and unusual cuts of well-known faces before.

I'm assuming you're using some sort of software?

* In fact, on the version you linked to, it says so right on the page!
** Your version appears to be a clone of Helvetica Neue Extended.

I am using Find My Font software for the matching (findmyfont.com, $69!).

I present the user's sample, select the characters to scan and wait minute for the list of "Best Matches". I have to pick and choose as the program doesn't detect key nuances of shape. If the results are wrong, I re-choose which letters to scan and redo. I should end up with a group which matches the sample. This list will include all sorts of manipulated clones, scones and two-tones! I have learned to try to pick the one on "everybody's list", such as Myfonts, Dafont, Designer's or Foundry's web site, etc. Google works.

In my defense, I've been collecting fonts since grammar school so have a huge number of 10,000 fonts for $1. I have not deleted anything except for duplicates based on font name. The filtering process at the end (finding a web site for purchase) hopefully gets me back into tolerable territory.

Further defense is I am not a designer by any stretch of imagination. I can't draw, sketch or even doodle. I can barely hold a pencil! I've not been brought up "in the trade" so I don't know the terminology and I don't know design or style genealogy.

On the other hand, I hope I'm learning the discipline to completely match the user's sample regardless of the font source. Therefore, clones can be good when they fit better.