New 1-year student licenses: FontLab Studio: US$119, Fontographer: US$79, TypeTool: US$23

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Fontlab Ltd. has just announced a new, more affordable, licensing program for students. Students (or faculty) at colleges and universities can now purchase licenses for our font editing applications valid for one year (renewable) at less than 25% of the retail price. Specifically, the prices of the 1-year student licenses are: FontLab Studio: US$119, Fontographer: US$79, TypeTool: US$23.

“Given that there is now a broader range of font editing tools available on the market, we believe that we should offer students an opportunity to purchase licenses for our products at an even more affordable price than before. We believe that during the course of one year, students should be able to learn to work with the tool(s) of their choice and finally pick the tool that will best serve their specific needs.” — Adam Twardoch, Fontlab Ltd.

More on the Fontlab Ltd. academic purchases page.

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Good idea. Except: I have some friends who are faculty. Hope they continue teaching more than 5 years. Is there a cap on total payment by the annual fee, or does it just keep going at $119 per year?

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charles_e asks a good question.
And I'm very glad to see this move in pricing - even though it's limited to student/faculty.

Which brings me to this:

In light of the spark of interest in fonts lately - I'm sure largely due to @font-face and the incredible number of new font users entering the market - are there any plans to re-evaluate the positioning of Fontlab's product line and make some pricing changes?
What was once strictly a "pro" market has become a "pro-am" market.

(I really can't see where TypeTool fits in today's market. And having become familiar with Fontographer through proofreading David Bergsland's book, I think it has a lot of potential but it's feature set is odd and in need of work. (Perhaps it should become a module of sorts of FLS, not a stand-alone product. If such a thing is feasible.)
And BTW - I don't know about the Mac version, but the way the Generate font feature in FOG interfaces with Windows - with no provision for choice of filename other than the automatic default or easy output to a folder without having to drill down through directory trees is absolutely maddening. And time wasting in the extreme. Especially if your interest is in previewing fonts in browsers, as mine and many other developers is or has become. I had to write a command-line script for renaming just to keep sane.)

Just thinking out loud....

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more than two years ago, we started developing a completely new codebase for our products. We do realize that the current products do not fullfil all of the market's requirements of today. We will still do some development on the current products because there is a large number of current users who are interested in having the products improved. But we're working on new products at the same time — it takes time, though!


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