Tuscan "Welcome"

Hi, this is Chris von Germany.
I am searching for that font for over 7 month and couldn’t find it yet.
I want you to help me. I need it to design a tattoo.
I will be very thankful for much answers.
(Sorry for my bad English)

here is a link to the font


Old topics deserve an answer too!

As said above, Hells Angels use this font too,

as searched on WTF

this WELCOME exemple looks very much like Hessian


Most likely a (bad) freebie. Are you sure about putting this cheap looking typeface onto someone’s body? There are plenty of better looking alternatives!

Hypothetical question to the board: Suppose you were forced to get a typeface tattooed, which one would you choose?

Patricia… YOU ARE GREAT !!!


Now I need somebody, who can find a download link ;)

Maybe contact Ortiz-Lopez by e-mail?

If you are referring to the Ortiz-Lopez font, you can’t get it.
It’s listed under his proprietary fonts, which means he
made it for the Red Sox and nobody else can have it.

You’ll have to settle for one of the lesser, freebie fonts at
Patricia’s link.

that’s bad :-( i just found another font, what is called ‘tiffany athletic’.

does anybody know, where i can find that?

sorry for my bad english, i’m german

Ich auch. :-)

I still think that the original sample Chris posted is a freebie that’s out there somewhere. The Ortiz-Lopez font is considerably better built than the sample. Or, as Mike suggested, it might just be a custom design.

Edit: From what I could dig up, Mike seems to be right — it’s the Hells Angels font and it’s trademarked.

Edit 2: See here.

Somewhat similar:


Not only is the Lopez-Ortiz font ‘better built’ it doesn’t look the same, since Chris wants the identical font. It is only similar (just as some of the other suggestions have been).

It has occurred to me that you could make something more like the Hell’s Angels font, using Zebrawood Fill, or one of the other close suggestions, and duplicating the closer-looking serifs and using them to replace the other serifs. But it requires special graphics tools, and would be a lot of work.

Chris, you originally asked if I knew someone who could draw it, so apparently you don’t have the tools or skill to duplicate this look yourself, is that so?

I REALLY think you should just use Zebrawood Fill, or Saloon Girl, or Saloon, and give up trying to match this any closer.

Tiffany Athletic can be purchased here. http://www.clipartsupply.com/products.cfm?PID=2810

You need to see Brian’s (Bonislawsky) ink …

Sorry, but thas wasn’t my Question…
I want exactly THIS font and not a discussion about my taste ;)
Could you find out, waht the Name of that font is?


Hi Tiffany… Where Can I find the link? Would you be so nice to post it?

Chris, I’m sorry, but I really don’t know what this typeface is. As for Brian’s ink, you could google for it.

Tried my best, but I couldn’t find it either. :-(

IDing these obscure selfmade type fonts isn’t easy because there’s so many of them on the web.. Which means we basically have to go dig through humongous piles of crap and waste, hoping to come upon a particular instance of crappiness. Not fun.

But who knows, there’s still a chance someone else might recognize it. Viel Glück!

Chris I know you want this exact typeface, I’m not questioning that, but what about Zebrawood Fill? It is pretty close. :^/ Sorry I am out of ideas. Good Luck!

Hey guys and gals,

I sent Chris to you when I couldn’t answer his question. I just got back home and found an e-mail from him saying that my idea to ask the site owner might be risky for him, because this comes from the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club web site!

As far as I know the Hell’s Angels logo font is a custom design that they don’t want being used by anyone else, so if that’s true, that helps explain why none of us know this font.

It looks like that Red Sox font people are always looking for.

See here