Times (not Roman or New Roman)

I'm working with a pdf in Acrobat that has the following three Type 1 fonts embedded according to the document information:

I have been able to locate the appropriate font which allows me to edit the "Times-Bold" text, but I cannot find fonts which embed as “Times” (aside from the Linotype version) or "Times-NormalItalic," so I cannot edit that text. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

The 5 along with other characters are consistent with the Monotype versions of Times. Here's an example of the nonitalic form of the font (click for the pdf):


I suspect it’s the Times shipped with Apple computers: http://www.linotype.com/1537/times-family.html

I don't believe it's a Linotype version of Times since the number 5 in the document doesn't have the serif on the top-right tip. The number 5 is consistent with Monotype versions of Times New Roman. Also, Times LT Std (which I have) embeds as "TimesLTStd-Roman," not "Times."

Sorry about that. Somehow I missed it in your original post.


Or Adobe’s TNR, embedded as one of the basic PDF fonts?