Quick Satan get your skates on...

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Sorry if this is old news, but couldn't resist the headline opportunity :-)

Emigre fonts available in EOT and WOFF... http://emigre.com/WebFonts

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Who did the hinting?

Could somebody remind me when y-direction anti-aliasing
kicked in on Windows? And is it available on Win-XP?

"A skilled typographer would never use a high contrast
font such as Bodoni at 6 point and print it on news print
paper using a high speed press."
They've finally grown up! :-)

But Simon, I don't get the thread title.


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Sorry, the reference was to "hell freezing over" but it's not very fair. Emigre has become a lot more flexible around font embedding in places like PDFs and Flash files recently, compared to the past when they were much more protective.

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Like I said right before that smiley.


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Ah, glad the title was cleared up.

Hmmm... I haven't been in this biz long enough to know if Emigré has been parsimonious with their licensing terms in the past - but unless I'm mistaken, this is the first "name" font maker that's shipping EOT and WOFF files for self-hosting, flat-out, no strings attached.
(There's the fontfonts thing but don't you have to host with Typekit or something for that... gotta go check.)

I might just spend a few bucks and see the quality of what I get.

Anybody know of anybody else licensing like this, except the vendors at Fontspring?

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I think the headline was really remarking on the transition from this...

"Listening to the Web Fonts panel discussion seemed like I could have been at a conference for musicians and composers in which a panel from Napster was telling us how exciting it was now that they could make all of our music available for free! Every time they said web fonts, I kept hearing “free font.""

Jeff Keedy in August 2010 at TypeCon

to this...

"Keedy Web Fonts starting at $39"

$39 seems steep for a "free font" ;-)

Although he's just one of many designers represented by Emigre.

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No point in cutting off your nose to spite your face.
No matter that you may disagree with the economic system, unless you drop out, you have to work within it.
That’s not hypocritical.

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