Arts and Crafts style font ID

Hi everyone! I have drawn up an idea of a font I want to use... I'm sure I've seen something like it around before. It kind of reminds me of something Rennie Mackintosh would have done. Any ideas about available fonts that look close?

Thank you!


Since type isn't handwriting, try to think in
terms of black/white shapes, not skeletons.


Blair has a similar look... although not as top heavy as I'm looking for.

Hrant, the post is looking for an ID, not critique!
Neutraface has the low waist and thin weights, but is not so wide.

Hmmm... yes, eliason. Quite close. Thanks for your help.

hrant... Not sure what you're hinting at... but, thanks for your 2cents.

Sorry, I thought you were going to be making
it and you wanted to check for precedents.


Are you looking for something like Bernhard Fashion?:

Special-K: The upper-case is very close! i just dont' want the little hanging bits.
I went ahead and rendered the sketch in illustrator. Still needs some work.
So... hrant... now you may critique my work. And it still needs much attention!

Indeed many typefaces are born because one
can't find just the right font already out there!