Albuquerque - Slab Serif v11

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I posted Albuquerque here a long time ago, but it's changed a great deal since then. A lot of the missing serifs have been put back, and some of the weak looking corners that were rounded off have been re-squared. /C/ and /G/, which were problem characters from the beginning were redone from scratch and I think look much better, though not perfect. I also went through Karen Cheng's Designing Type, fixing some of the oddities and optically correcting some things.

I've started hammering out the metrics in FontLab, but I don't have the full version, so I can't really use what I've done until I buy that...

Anyway, here's what it looks like now:

pdf is attached.

Alb_r11.pdf68.8 KB
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Here's more with the new /C/ and /G/...

It's the /G/ in particular that I'm still not sure about.

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The q is the one that's off for me. Given its name, I'd expect the q's spur to be a lot lower (sub-baseline) not unlike Spanish handwriting. What would the g look like if the connector between the two bowls were curved into the lower bowl (kind of like the e).

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Nice design. I like the /g/. The /q/ is also quite cool though it might be creating too much texture in the vertical center of the lowercase letters.

The tittle on /i/ should be a little higher. Also, are your round characters slightly taller so they look optically the same height as square characters? I'm not 100% certain but the rounded characters seem to look optically slightly smaller.

I think if you want to give /P/ and /R/ such large bowls then the horizontal bar in /A/ should be a bit lower so the counter becomes larger.

You might want to extend the horizontal stroke in /G/ to the height of the horizontal bar in /B/ or just a bit below that. I suspect that should fix your issue with /G/.

/T/ could be a little wider.

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Great suggestions.

@guifa, I'm not familiar with Spanish handwriting, but it would be highly unusual for the spur of a /q/ to be below the baseline—not that my /q/ isn't unusual now, of course. I would be interested in seeing an example of this, if you can find one, though.

As for the link of the /g/, you're just suggesting that it curve smoothly rather than being so angular, right? I don't really get the connection with /e/, though. I'll tinker...

@Martin, The lowercase texture issue is one I hadn't thought of, but adjustment will probably have to wait until I can do testing on blocks of text.

You're definitely right about the tittle and the /T/, though. The round characters are optically adjusted, but I think you're right that they should be pushed a bit further.

Good call on adjusting the /A/'s crossbar.

I bumped the /G/'s bar up a bit. The /B/E/ crossbar height was too high, but it does little better now, I think...

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