Two New Releases

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Two New Releases

Greater Albion has just launched it's latest to families (one one family and one standalone face) on Myfonts.

Merrivale is an ideal example of the benefits of keeping ones eyes open- it was inspired by the gilt-finished raised lettering on a late Victorian shopsign in Melbourne, Australia. The family of seven faces include upper and lower case forms, small capitals, all capital forms, and flamboyant display forms. Extensive Opentype features are incorporated. All faces are offered in incised forms inspired by the original lettering as well as in solid black filled forms. Thsee typefaces are wonderful for signage where either a period air or a dignified but legible feel are required. They also lend themselves to other display uses such as posters, book covers and so forth and are ideal for the title lines of certificates.

Coliseo is a lively and fun Art Nouveau inspired typeface, inspired by stone lettering seen on facade of the Coliseum Theatre in London. It's beautifully characterful let legible making it ideal for poster work or anything where it's useful to combine Roman display faces with a feeling of life and energy.

Here is a small sampler showing both families: