Unknown 1920s Serif 'The' ligature

Unknown 1920s Serif

From an in house company magazine.

Any help would be much appreciated


I don’t know, it seems to be handwritten…

Bigger Better, I hope

A zoomed out version of previous. I think that the font used in the ‘published’ is the same as the ‘The’ used at the top, but perhaps using a custom T or something like that.

From the first sample, I thought the “The” might be typeset — that ‘e’ looks vaguely familiar, and a “Th” ligature like this is not unheard of.

But from the second sample, I’m now inclined to agree with Eduardo. All the rest of this is almost certainly handlettering. Look at all the different ‘f’s in the third line of the text, each one different. Or the ‘R’s in the last line. Or the three different ‘the’s throughout.

This is all based on common models from the period, but I don’t think you’re going to find a font — then or now — which is exactly this.

— Kent.

When I originally saw the “Th”-ligature, the works of
Lucian Bernhard immediately popped in my mind, so
if you want something similar that might be a place
where to start looking.

Thanks to everyone for their help, much appreciated. I didn’t know about the work of Lucian Bernhard, very interesting stuff.

On another note, does anyone know if Alexei Brodovitch’s ALBRO font is available in a digital format? He used it in his 1950s magazine portfolio, of which 4 issues were published. I’ll see that I get it scanned soon.

Oops … that should have been: