need help with this header font. Urgent

Hi guys-
Was wondering if anyone can ID the font used in the header of this website - for the word RXtrace. I also attached an image of it.

I created this graphic and now I'm doing an official logo for the site, but I can't find the font on my system and from what I can tell the client doesn't want to stray too far from it, if at all. I can't remember for the life os me what it was.

any help would be greatly appreciated. Does anyone know of a similar font that would work in corporate deisgn. I've tried looking everywhere for other similar fonts that have the exaggerated ball terminals that this one has, any suggestions along those lines would be helpful as well.

thanks so much


That’s Zuzana Lickos Matrix Script (somewhat stretched). You used the old version, not available any more since the reworked ‘Matrix II’ was published in 2007.