PeakPerformance Logotype

looking for this typeface or something similar.
Any help appreciated.

Best, N



Not sure about it ... especially the open “P”. Any other suggestions?

Maybe Epic Normal?

Unfortunately not – look at the lowercase ‘f’ and ‘c’ ...

I've always seen this as a Fleischman of some sort. Unless they refreshed it along the path, the list of digital revivals at the time is pretty short. DTL?
However, looking at it with fresh eyes I can't help feel it's custom.

Unfortunately none of the suggestions come close to what I meant – I’m afraid it will stay unresolved.
Thanks a lot to everyone!

Yes, some sort of Fleischmann-infused design. I was suspecting Farnham but that's not right. Actually, I do think Mercury does come very close (although it's hard to say without really seeing the details; I don't have Mercury so I'm just staring at the font tester thing). The open "P"s are almost certainly custom. Bear in mind that logos are almost always customized to some degree.

Very close except for foot on k and weight issues. Embodas, Jordi/Pona-Book.otf

Designed by Stockholm Design Lab. You could just ask them.

There’s no date on that site for this design, but I seem to remember it going back quite a while. Peak Performance was the go-to brand for rich kids when I went to primary school in the early 90s. Perhaps what I remember was the old mark, and the new one just does its job so well I never thought about the change?

Dick, what do you do to your samples to make them look so jagged?

And no, I'd say Pona is not close at all. The original sample has ball terminals, these are... I don't know what to call them, straightened-out foxtails or something. Also see: drawing of bowl of the "a", flags on top of the "r" etc., contrast.

They are screen captures (Snagit) of font images. Too many steps. It also distorts ball terminals into squared-off balls or something... (sorry)

Mercury is the closest match I can find. Here's Display Semibold:

Thank you for taking a look too, Stephen. Looks like Mercury has been voted closest.