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Hello everybody, this is my first post and I am just getting into the art of handwriting. My handwriting was terrible (still is in my book) but has improved since I started. I love to read and see the beautiful works that are on display in older text. To me, nowadays, writing is a lost art. Now, I want to bring that back; for me at least. I am twenty two years of age and have one fountain pen for calligraphy along with several nibs (Speedball and Hunt) and was wondering if anyone had any tips along these lines:

1. What is a good book that could get me into the basics of calligraphy?
2. What is a normal (ordinary) way for a person to become immersed into this art?
3. Are there any techniques that would help my handwriting to become better without slowing down speed? (In other words incorporating calligraphy with day-to-day writing; like taking notes in class)
4. While being an unemployed student I have a low budget but have some of the materials needed. What type of materials are best suited for practice? Also important documents (letters and the like). For example, I have tried two types of inks and don't believe there is any that is truly water proof, if there is that would be helpful.

Since I am an unpublished writer & poet I prefer to write by hand, so any advice for a neophyte like myself would be immensely helpful!

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New to the forum so these links and others, if in existence, are very helpful!


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If you ever move to type, this forum is the best.


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