Information about "Triplex Serif" font

I would like to ask something about the "Triplex Serif" font. Do you know if it's used in any company logo? Because it reminds me something... but i can't find out which one!

Thank you very much.


Im pretty sure there are many logotypes using Triplex out there, but maybe not any big brand since Triplex Serif retains a strong 90's vibe. Check out this:

Is that your question?

Triplex is an interesting family since the sans and the serif were designed after the italic face and somehow made to match. The italic face is very true to the humanist model and works wonderfully in books. The sans and serif faces were designed after a bitmap grid model. I used the triplex family to design a book about indigenous recipes once.


Maybe you're thinking of Today Sans?

One of the (many) things I love about Triplex is that the roman and italic were designed by two different people: Zuzana Licko did the roman (and slab serif); John Downer did the ital that inspired her. Just like the days before romans with matching italics.

Does anyone else think the OT versions of the faces seem to have been revised? They seem different from the PostScript 1 originals, but maybe that's just me.

IIRC that was because Licko was having trouble
making a convincing italic for it. Downer's is
indeed inspiring (and it features probably my
all-time favorite ampersand).


I'm not sure I understand your point, Hrant. As Héctor points out, Downer's italic was designed well before Licko's roman—four years before, in fact. So I'm not sure how he could have been helping her out of a jam by providing an italic version of a face she had yet to design. What am I missing?

But I certainly agree that he created one of the most memorable italics of the last few decades.

No, I didn't mean that he planned it that way.
His design didn't have a Roman (which might
be why it wasn't released) and she needed a
good Italic, and the styles clicked, so... BTW
are you sure she designed the Roman based on
seeing the Italic? That's not what I remember.


I'm not sure of anything, but I do believe—and the Emigre site seems to bear this out—that the italic was released on its own in 1985, four years before the rest of the family.

> the italic was released on its own in 1985

Really? And by Emigre?


OK, I just checked the site, and actually it
seems to support what I said, except that:
- Downer's original design apparently did have
a Roman; the two got separated due to a request
by a (potential?) customer.
- There's nothing about Licko having trouble
making an italic herself; I remember that from
another source - possibly even a previous version
of the "Design Info" on the Emigre site itself, or
maybe an interview, or a post by Downer to a
discussion group.

BTW, was Triplex Serif a later addition?
I seem to remember something like that.