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Gotham-esque with round tittle

I need to typeset a business card--I am not quite sure what this is.

Does anyone know, and second to that, have any idea of a second font that could have a similar effect in case I don't have a copy of the first?


Very nice riccardo.

I had tried setting in Akzidenz-Grotesque and I think then that's what I'll have to do as we do not own Proxima Nova.

Not knowing your collection, obviously I can't give better suggestions.*
But Open Sans could be a possibility.

* This is a perfect use case for FindMyFont (http://typophile.com/node/84965)

So many font finders these days!

WhatTheFont didn't get it right.

I like What Font Is for asking questions about the font...

I think I just read that WhatTheFont has been incorporated into Firefox/other browsers to allow you to simply right-click on an image that's on the web to identify it (or something simply like that). Sounds kind of cool.