Monotype Imaging and Google Collaborate to Make Web Fonts Better

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Monotype Imaging’s Web Fonts team and Google have been brainstorming ways to make Web fonts better.

Looking to reduce Web font file sizes, the Google Web Fonts team began working closely with Monotype to discuss the advantages of their patented MicroType® Express (MTX) algorithm. The results led to the joint conclusion that in order to truly maximize the value of this technology, it needed to be adopted by Web browsers and font tools. It was decided that the greatest benefits would be achieved by sharing MTX with the entire Web community. As a result, Monotype Imaging has agreed to make the MTX format, as described in our W3C submissions, available to the public at no cost.

The ongoing collaboration will lead to a significantly better user experience, including web fonts used in branded content loading faster, better font rendering quality for noticeably better display quality across a variety of device screens and improved cross platform performance.

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