The Didone uncial blackletter is becoming true: Rosenbaum is released!

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I hereby fancy to announce with some little joy the release of Rosenbaum, my recent exploration of the Didone uncial blackletter genre. ;-)

Well, it was Christmas time and I relaxed a bit …

Maybe you’ll find this a kind of

Or maybe you just find it somewhat … tasty.

But maybe you just find it silly and awkward, then don’t bother.

Rosenbaum at Myfonts.

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I see potential use in these Harry Potter times, a fruitful exploration i’d say!

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Surprising! And sweet. Congratulations!

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Congratulations! This A is « charmant »

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Original and creative. Nice work!

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This makes me smile! Nice work.

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A huge lot nicer than what flashed before my eyes earlier and which I am working hard to repress. Bet the SCA will love you to fluffy little cotton bits when they see it.

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Cheers, typophiles ;-)

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Now here comes the full story of it, in German.

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Ahh. So good!

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It's so... fake-antique! I love it. BTW, I'm not sure how to suggest tags on myfonts, but you've misspelled "fairytale".

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> you've misspelled "fairytale"

oh yes, I spotted already. Thanks. I’ve edited.

BTW, fake-antique seems to be a nice tag, too ;-)

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Grimms Märchen Display Default. Toll geworden, viel Erfolg damit!

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Beautiful font. I really love the ornamental elements.

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