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SVG format for print

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SVG format for print

SVG was once touted as an alternative to Postscript as an interchange format for vector graphics. While SVG support continues to grow slowly in web browsers, page-oriented projects like Adobe's PDFXML (Mars) and W3C's SVG Print seem to be all dead.

I haven't been able to find good discussions of SVG's failure to penetrate the print market. Programmers' forums mix zealotry for anything "free" with total ignorance of graphic arts practice. Forums for graphic design tools have almost no mention of SVG.

Any one here know much about the merits of SVG? I assume there are marketing reasons for the non-takeup of SVG, but I'm really just concerned with the technical aspect. Even just pointers to discussions elsewhere would be good.

I want to programmatically generate graphics for inclusion in print documents. These figures would include significant amounts of text and equations. As far as I can see, the only serious options for a target format are EPS and SVG. I think SVG would be a lot easier to handle, but it seems that graphic designers only use EPS. So I'm wondering if I would eventually regret orienting my toolset around SVG.