Simple Caps + Script

Do you guys recognize any of the (major) fonts on either of these posters?


GENTLEMAN'S: could be [[|Gotham]] Condensed (or Extra Narrow) Bold
RACE (as probably OCTOBER TWENTY THIRD): [[|Gotham]] Medium
Survive: makes me thinking to [[|Freehand 521]]. May be modified?
THE LAST KNOWN SURVIVOR - STALKS HIS PREY IN THE NIGHT: I'm probably wrong but could be [[|Trade Gothic Condensed Bold no20]]
Hard to say for the rest, too small for me. To me, only missing a serif "PROMPTLY BEGINS AT TEN O'CLOCK IN THE AM" and a [[|College]]/[[|Athletic]]/[[|Varsity]]/[[|Octagonal]] Sans (similar to [[|B-52]], [[|Pop Warner]] (the closest I've found) or [[|Amarillo]]) "STREET/MAN".

Wonderful job, thanks for you help!