Modifying B into something exotic

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As seen here, I've been modifying the B from Erato Light in an attempt to recreate this exotic letterform. I would like now you to be constructively critic on it. I'll be grateful for any suggestions.

The word Bruna is just a dummy. I've experimented a different R too, as a way of balancing the extra weight of the new B. Does that even make any sense? Opinions on it will be welcome.

Below, Erato Light, the modified B and the modified B e R, respectively.

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It depends on the desired effect:
If you like/need the B to stand out and/or be used alone, you could even leave R unchanged (or modify it more subtly: the gap now is a bit too wide).
If you like/need that all letters appear to belong equally to the same font, I think you should modify R and probably A a bit more, adding serifs like the new ones in the new B.

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It's pretty! Maybe leave out the bar of the |A| as well?

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