Copyright Logo/Font, who knows?

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Copyright Logo/Font, who knows?

A friend of mine is gonna start a new international company in The Netherlands. He hired a freelance designer to design his corporate identity. Today he showed me the results, now I looked at it, and the type looked like a font from a know foundry. Although it looks almost the same as shape, but his curves and style is more condensed than the original font. I have seen the process of building it in steps he saved as pdf. He really designed it himself.

Now my friend is wondering if he can get accused for breaking copyrights, as it looks the same, but in details it isn’t the same. Who knows? As I couldn’t give him a right answer, but he’s still in doubt, as I mentioned it looked like a known font from a commercial type foundry. Who knows about laws and copyright? In my eyes it is possible that someone in japan makes something similar looking like someone in europe… But I was just wondering too how court would handle this.

Who knows?