Introducing Alter Littera - New Letters of Old - OpenType Font Revivals of Medieval Scripts and Classic Typefaces.

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I would like to introduce typophiles to Alter Littera - New Letters of Old, a "personal" digital-type foundry located in Madrid, Spain. Alter Littera produces and markets opentype fonts reviving some of the most beautiful bookhands from medieval Western manuscripts, as well as some of the finest European and North-American typefaces designed from the mid-fifteenth through the early-twentieth centuries.
So far, only five fonts have been completed (although many more are currently under development), namely:

Please visit our website for further details (including full character maps and OpenType features, type sepecimens, font samples, and image galleries). Every comment/suggestion will be very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance for your interest.

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Best of luck, again: nice collection!

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Just a few words to let you know that all of Alter Littera's fonts on MyFonts and on are on sale (50% off) until october 16.


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