OEM, sub license, web license, standard license?

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Can anyone explain this muck? Okay, What I think I know...

OEM - An OEM license covers sales to users who are including a font as part of a package deal. The fonts that come with Windows OS and Adobe Illustrator.

Web License - This license covers use of fonts on web pages. The cost is generally deterined by site hits.(?)

Standard License - This is for general usage based on users at one location.

What is sub licensing. What license covers phone apps and video games.

Any help unraveling this confusion would be greatly appreciated.


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OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer, so usually you'll see ISV (Independent Software Vendor) do describe companies like Microsoft and Adobe who include fonts with their software products. An OEM license might be appropriate to say someone making a GPS, a set top box or a phone.

Sublicensing gives the licensee rights to further license. So for example you could license your font to a foundry giving them sub license rights to license the fonts to other people or companies.

For a Web license the typical differentiator is the customer's right to host the font on a web server in a variety of formats.

For games and apps you'd be looking at an ISV license, unless your standard license provides these rights.

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Sii, thanks for the clarification.

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