Critique- pod

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Still in early, rough stages... thoughts?

sample- pod

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Interesting. (Not something I'd want to look at if I had a hangover!)

A couple of quick thoughts: The x and z need to be wider, and I think you might have better success with hanging numerals (plus they would match the lowercase alphabet better). For the 4, try matching the upper curve on the o (p,q,g). The arches also need to be refined, but I'm not entirely sure what to recommend. Play around a bit.

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I think with a large does of discipline and some OpenType programming (which the "s" for example is crying out for) this could come out quite nice. And the numerals, yes, hanging for sure.


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I see the 'morphotype' in the seed, 'o', '@' ;
I really like it -- but I would close the window
so that the draft would not make it sick.

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I also like it, this is very original and hip but still needs work, stem weight is irregular, some shapes (like w and m) are just reflected glyphs. w, x, y and z are not well proportioned.

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I'm working on these suggestions... just haven't had enough time to put in, university keeps getting in the way.

Opentype is definatly planned- with alternates and whatnot.

Alessandro; I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'close the window.'


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I mean, I guess it was pretty windy when you fixed your stems !
Seems a plein air typeface :-)

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